FAMILY MEDICINE - The truth is, Ive lost touch with all those who care about me. PJD018


Erratic, intense, aggressive and just an all around bumpy ride when you sink your teeth into this record.
Make sure there's no breakables around when you give these Illinois boys a listen!
They blend punk, hardcore, noise with edgy riffs and occasionally melodic guitars.

For Fans of: Drug Church, Bear vs. Shark


  1. 1. Woodrings
  2. 2. Knitting Naked while watching me masturbate
  3. 3. Adema Rue
  4. 4. Dick Chicken
  5. 5. I left the Front Porch light on and the back door unlocked
  6. 6. Pretty Boy Parayko
  7. 7. I'm glad you're sober Wayne Winslow
  8. 8. You Caught Me Doing Naked Yoga
  9. 9. Galapagos
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