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Sirius Blvck - Nxghtcrawlr CS FGU001

Limited Edition!! Naptown DIY Hip Hop

With the release of his latest project Nxghtcrawlr, Sirius Blvck cemented his position as one of the most important and brilliantly creative artists working in Indianapolis. Nxghtcrawlr builds on Blvck’s past victories, while moving into bold new territory.

Nxghtcrawlr is cinematic in its scope and ambience. Blvck’s longtime musical collaborator Bones of Ghosts has produced a stunning set of darkly ambient compositions that provide a note perfect foundation for Blvck’s introspective meditations on life. Bones’ intoxicating soundscapes achieve an orchestral quality, while staying firmly rooted in the deep bass and hard-hitting beats so crucial to hip-hop tradition.


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