Tweak - I am Overcome With Hate 12" LP OUT NOW!! PJD014


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Written from the perspective of a split personality, Tweak’s upcoming album is a wild, unpredictable and utterly fitting continuation of the aforementioned bands of noisy notoriety.

Don’t get the wrong idea though: the emotion here is not one of heartbreak and lost friendships in the Midwest, but rather of hatred and utter insanity as becomes quite apparent

When people long for the good ol’ days they aren’t usually referring to the golden age of tech grind and weird noise rock bands, but if you are so inclined, Rockford, Illinois’ Tweak will definitely make you a bit nostalgic for the Hayworths and Daughters of yesteryear.


  1. A Warning
  2. An Introduction to Lester George
  3. A Closed Door
  4. An Illness
  5. A Sure Bet
  6. Mia Vitkus
  7. A Waltz
  8. Alice Fieldsberry
  9. Tyler Whitton
  10. Void of Sympathy
  11. An Open Door
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Out of 500:
Gray Marble /100
Black /400