Televangelist - Wild, Jealous, Youth LP OZ-038


Such an incredible band, pulling post-rock, math rock, progressive and post hardcore elements for this PERFECT blend of euphoric pleasure, it shreds but hits those atmospheric climaxes at the same time.

Televangelist's debut LP, finally released after two years in the making. This LP will be available on 12" vinyl via Ozona Records this fall.

Televangelist's debut LP now available on 12" vinyl! These seven songs provide a refreshing breath of air in the math rock genre. The true talents of this four-piece are showcased throughout with intricate, fast drumming, quick and quirky guitar tapping, and thick, catchy bass riffs. Although Televangelist has undergone many lineup changes since the release of their highly acclaimed EP, Crime Wave, the solidarity of the current lineup shows the band's transition into mature songwriting and their further projection into mastering what they do best - writing mathy bangers.

Pressing Information

Black /100
Cream /100
Clear w/ red swirl /100
Grey marble /25 (SXSW exclusive w/ obi-strip)
Test press /12