BUMMER - Young Ben Franklin/Milk CS PJD002

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First Two E.P.'s on one cassette

Bummer is a hardcore punk band, a trio from Olathe that describes its music in a variety of ways: primal, Neanderthal, noise rock, sludge. One thing it’s not: progressive or math rock.

Bummer became a go-to band in Kansas City’s house-show scene, earning a reputation for its loud, high-energy live shows. But word is now out among club owners that the band can draw a crowd and deliver a memorable show.

"Take Unsane, Sweet Cobra, some Melvins and Jesus Lizard, put them in a blender and pour some Sriracha on it,” Perrin said, “and then splatter it on the wall.”

Pressing Information

Out of 100:
Smokey Tint /10
Solid Yellow /30
Solid Pink /30
Solid Blue /30